Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Back to Basics

Here's a little tip for those days when the Muse doen't want to come out and play. You're itching to take some photographs but your mind can't settle on what to do, inspiration just isn't there.

Try what I think of as my back to basics routine.

First choose which camera you will use
Second choose a focal length to work at
Thirdly choose an ISO setting
Then choose B/W or Colour
Lastly choose a subject matter and location.

Do NOT be tempted to vary from any of the above, if you are , pretend that you are using an old film camera and don't have the luxury of changing your mind.
Go out and do your stuff. Setting yourself a brief and sticking to it helps concentrate the mind and sooner or later the ideas will flow.

Here's one I took on a day like that .
Deceptively simple.

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