Friday, 5 August 2011

Hard work this Blogging !

I've been busy taking photographs recently and so blogging has had to take a back seat. After all I'm a professional photographer and one has to get ones priorities in order.

I'm working on a new collection of fine art prints which will be available as  a limited edition run once the series is complete. The theme for the project is the textures and forms which can be found all around us, if we can be bothered to look. My self imposed restriction of not arranging either subject or lighting in any way but simply working with what I find on my wanderings has led me to discover some remarkably beautiful compostions created by the natural elements with no human intervention.

The inspiration came from revisiting the still lifes of 'found' objects created by the late Bob Carlos Clarke 20 years ago. I will change that to the late GREAT Bob Carlos Clarke. If you don't know his work then you simply MUST research him. Don't be put off by his reputation for concentrating on the erotic and voyeuristic side of photography. Brilliant though his erotic images were ( and no, they most certainly are NOT pornography ) his talent covered many fields and I can't believe it's over 5 years since his tragic suicide.

My images are not in the same catgory as his as BCC's were carefully arranged and lit in a studio and are of a standard that I only aspire to.Would that I had his vision. However I don't, I have my own and here is the first image from my new project. It has, naturally, no title, I just can't stand titles

Interpret it as you wish. Whatever conclusion you come to is exactly correct.